Alberta Maintenance Grant

You may be eligible to receive up to $3,000 per semester if you are a:

    • Single parent
    • Married/common-law student whose spouse/partner cannot work for medical reasons
    • Student experiencing work visa or language barriers
    • Single student making maintenance payments 

Alberta Low-Income Grant

Full-time students in one-year undergraduate certificate programs may be eligible to receive $250 for each month of study. This grant is available to low-income students whose total program duration is 12 months or less.

Here are the low-income thresholds: 

Family Size Income
1 $24,880
2 $30,976
3  $38,081  
4 $46,234
5 $52,439
6 $59,142
7 $65,846

Source: Canada Student Loans Program

Alberta Part-Time Grant

The Alberta Part-Time Grant is available to Alberta residents taking post-secondary education on a part-time basis. Up to $600 per semester is available to eligible students.  

Canada Student Grants

The Canada Student Grants program provides several grants to full-time students, including students from low- or middle-income families, or those who have dependents or permanent disabilities. Grants for part-time students are also available.