Loan Limits

lamp-papersArrows orange How much can you borrow?

Alberta and Canada student aid is calculated to help you meet the basic costs of learning and living.  Because loans are investments you repay after you finish or leave your post-secondary studies, it is in your best interest to borrow only the money you need.

Arrows light blue1 Annual Loan Limits

There are limits to the amount of student loans you can get each year.

Arrows text orange In Alberta, the 2012-13 Annual Loan Limit is $6,650 per semester. This includes the amount you may receive in Canada student loans.

Arrows text orange Students taking graduate or specific programs of study with additional costs may be eligible for higher loan limits.

Arrows light blue1 Cummulative Loan Limits

There are also limits on how much you can owe in Alberta and Canada student loans at one time.

Cumulative Loan Limits for Full-Time Students

Undergraduate students




Graduate students




MBA or PhD




Programs of Study with Additional Costs




Dental hygiene students










Pharmacy students


Veterinary medicine


 If you reach these Cumulative Loan Limits, you may still be eligible for Canada student loans.

 Cumulative Loan Limit for Part-Time Students

Part-time students may receive up to $10,000 in Canada Student Loans.