Completion Incentive Grant

Arrows light blue1 Completion Incentive Grant

You are eligible for the Completion Incentive Grant if you have received full-time funding through Student Aid Alberta for a program of study ending after August 1, 2012.

  • When you are in your final year of study and receiving funding through Student Aid Alberta, you are automatically considered for the Completion Incentive Grant. 
  • You can go online to find out whether you’ll automatically receive the grant by visiting Student Aid Alberta Online Services. If you have questions about the grant, please call the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre at 1-855-606-2096.
  • If you did not indicate you're in your final year of study on your Student Aid Alberta application, use this form to apply for the Completion Incentive Grant. Send your form to:

    Student Aid Alberta
    PO Box 28000, Stn Main
    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R4

  • If you are in your final year of study and are NOT receiving funding from Student Aid Alberta, you'll also need to fill out this form to apply for the grant. 

Arrows text orange What are you eligible for?

  • Certificate and diploma programs typically requiring one year or less to complete receive $1,000
  • Certificate and diploma programs typically requiring more than one year to complete receive $1,500
  • Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degree programs receive $2,000

Arrows text orange When will you receive the grant?

If we know you are completing your studies this year, you can expect your cheque to arrive sometime during your last month of study.

If you move, shift from full to part-time studies or change your program or institution - it’s important for you to let us know.