Making Changes

Arrows orange What if I need more money or my plans change?

We look closely at the information you provide in your application to calculate your eligibility for loans and grants.   

Arrows orange Higher living costs may be considered for:

Arrows light blue1 Rent or mortgage (submit a copy of the agreement)
Arrows light blue1 Basic utilities - power, water, gas and phone (submit copies of bills for the last three months)
Arrows light blue1 Child support payments (submit a copy of the court order and proof of payment for the past four months, 
        or a copy of the maintenance enforcement report)
Arrows light blue1 Travel (for students who commute or cannot use public transit)
Arrows light blue1 Spouse's/partner's student loan payments (submit proof of payment)

If you would like us to re-evaluate your application, or if your situation changes, submit a Change of Circumstance form.  Since all applications are subject to audit, it's important to let us know of any changes so your information accurate and up to date.

Complete only the sections of the Change of Circumstance form that apply to your situation, and submit it as soon as you can. We are able to process Change of Circumstance forms up to 30 days before your post-secondary program ends.

Depending on the outcome, you will receive a revised Notice of Assessment outlining your new funding levels - typically within four weeks.

Arrows orange Stay in touch

Let us know about other changes in your circumstances.  The following could change your funding amount:

• Address change
• Marital status changes
• Changes in education costs (your tuition or living costs are higher than expected)
• Family income changes (you, your parents, or your partner/spouse)
• You have a child